On weekdays in Moscow it is hard to drive a car. Heavy traffic, lack of places on parkings — all this turns Muscovites into angry Martians. Ha-ha,it’s a joke, of course, it not so. But nevertheless distances in Moscow are very big. To save to you time, we picked up a co-working and hotel in one building in Moscow of City.

Work: In co-workings of Moscow.

*Fully equipped workstations (computers, monitors)
*Possibility of renting individual jobs or whole offices
*High-speed unlimited internet
*All necessary equipment
*Secretarial services, postal and courier services
*Cost-effective telephony (long distance and international)
*The meeting room
*Hall for presentations with multimedia equipment
*Coffee — Point

Additional services:

*Full visa support
*Transport (transfer)
*The guide-translator


*Flight in zero gravity on SILT-76MDK and other space programs.
* Firing from all types of the Russian small arms, including firing from tanks.
* Excursions in the Tretyakov gallery.
Other excursions:
* Performances in the Bolshoi Theatre and pass behind the scenes of the Bolshoi Theatre.


Hotels, hostels, apartments on team of 10 people

Price: from $ 2,500 per person.

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